How to Manage Complexity (Martin Thompson) Interview

While some people provide the odd cartoon at Christmas! Dave Farley provides something more substantial this festive season. I always like to listen to Martin Thompson on any of his performance work. This interview is a bit more general than purely performance related work, but it is still worth taking the time to listen. Also, I found it very interesting to hear that his consulting engagements are moving away from improving response time to improving efficiency.

To me the take away from this interview are listed below:

(1) Keep things simple

(2) Concentrate on the business logic

(3) Work in small steps, feedback and make small incremental changes

(4) Most performance problems he sees are systemic design flaws

(5) Measure and under stand (model) the system you are trying to improve and compare that model of what should be achieved.

(6) Consider separation of concerns in the design will lead to simpler code (“one class, one thing; one method, one thing”)

(7) If you haven’t heard about it think about Mechanical Sympathy

Author: loadtestguy

Just a performance tester that wants to record the things I should remember about LoadTesting

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